Terms and Conditions


Shipping Information:

We use Ship Your Reptiles and FedEx Priority Overnight within the continental United States. Additional shipping charges may apply when shipping to Alaska. We will not ship anything outside of the United States. Most of the reptiles will have a price that includes shipping. Discounts will apply to orders with multiple reptiles. We like to ship out reptiles on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your reptile would arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. Let us know what works best for you. On larger shipments or by special request, we may use Delat Cargo for airport to airport shipments. This is only an option on large reptiles or large orders.

Payment Information:

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, credit cards over the phone and all forms of PayPal. If you would like to pay with PayPal, please verify that the reptile is still available before you send the money. Once you have verified that the reptile is available, please go directly to the PayPal website and use their send money tool. We can send you a PayPal money request if that makes things easier for you. No reptile is considered sold until the payment or deposit has been received in full. Reptiles are not shipped until the money has cleared on our end. We will only place reptiles on hold for 48 hours with no deposit down unless previously arranged. If the payment does not show up, the reptile will be put back up for sale.

Payment Plans:

We do offer payment plans on all reptiles. We require a 25% nonrefundable deposit to hold the reptile and payment in full within 30-90 days of the deposit date unless previously arranged. The 25% deposits are not refundable. If you change your mind we will be more than happy to apply the deposit as a credit towards another reptile. That credit can be kept on file for up to one year from the deposit date. No cash refund on deposits will be given!


General Conditions:

No cash will be refunded after the live arrival or local pickup of the reptile!

Live Arrival Guarantee: We do offer a live arrival guarantee on all orders that are shipped overnight to your door, held at your local hub or shipped airport to airport. For overnight to your door shipments, you must be available to receive the package at the time of the delivery and local temps must be in the 40F-90F degree range. If you are not available to receive the package and it is left at your door, we will not guarantee live arrival. For packages shipped airpoirt to airport or held at the local hub, you must pick the package up within 2 hours of the package being available for pickup. If you accept the package at the time of delivery and for some reason the reptile is not alive, we require that you call or email us within 2 hours and that you keep the reptile in the freezer. We may request that the reptile is shipped back to us before cash or reptile refunds are given. If we are not contacted by email or phone within 2 hours of the arrival time listed on the FedEx or Delta Cargo shipment tracking detail, the reptile will not carry the live arrival guarantee and we will not be held liable. The buyer will be expected to pay for the shipping charges on the replacement reptiles.

7 Day Guarantee: Once the reptile has arrived alive or it has been picked up locally we may offer replacement of lost reptiles within a seven day period from the date of arrival or pick up. This seven day replacement guarantee is up to our discretion. If we feel the reptile was not properly cared for, we may decline the replacement of that reptile. We will try our best to replace it with a similar reptile. We can't guarantee that we will have an exact replacement. If we are unable to replace it because we are out of that type of reptile, a credit will be given and you can apply it to any available reptile for up to one year after the arrival date of the first reptile. You will only receive credit value for the reptile. The shipping cost will be deducted from the total credit. The buyer will be expected to pay for the shipping charges on the replacement reptiles.

Proper Sex Guarantee: We will guarantee the sex within 7 days of arrival or local pick up on all of our reptiles. If for some reason we do incorrectly sex a reptile, we will replace the reptile with a reptile of the same type and proper sex. No cash refunds will apply unless we are unable to replace that reptile with the proper sex. We will pay the shipping charges on replacement reptiles.

Genetic Guarantee: Genetics are 100% guaranteed. All reptiles that are het for a gene that is not visible are guaranteed to carry that gene if listed as a 100% het reptile. This is easy for us because we do not buy and resale reptiles. Most of the reptiles sold, are captive bred at our facility.

Russo's Reptiles Guarantee: Our reptiles are honestly represented. We use no techniques like spraying them with warm water or the use of computer programs to enhance the color of the reptile. What you see is what you get. We are certain that if you decide to buy from Russo's Reptiles, you will be totally satisfied with your reptile and your buying experience. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

We appreciate your business, Thank you!